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4 Things I’ve Learned While Interning at Healthy Baby Network

Posted on July 31, 2017 by in

Hi, my name is Zoe, and I am the 2017 summer intern at Healthy Baby Network. I was born and raised in Rochester, and I currently attend the University of Rochester. I am a sophomore with an intended major of business. However, I am interested in women’s health, so I am planning on possibly pursuing a double major in public health, as well as completing the accelerated nursing bachelor’s degree at the University of Rochester after my 4 years of undergraduate studies. My end goal is to own my own midwifery office, and practice as a Certified Nurse Midwife.

I would like to share 4 things that I have learned so far as an intern at Healthy Baby Network:

zoe1.) Infant mortality is a real problem in the United States. 

Of course I know that this is a problem everywhere, but I had no idea how bad it is in the United States. While the United States spends the most on health care per capita of any country, we still rank 56th for infant mortality rate. This even applies to babies born after 37 weeks of gestation, which is not considered to be pre-term.

2.) Infant mortality is even more of a problem in Rochester.

In fact, Rochester has an infant mortality rate that is twice the national average. I was unaware of this, even after living here for 19 years, which shows me how important it is to make others aware of this problem, so they can try to help.

3.) There are so many organizations in Rochester that are working to help mothers and their children live healthy lives.

Before working here, I had no knowledge of so many different organizations in Rochester with this shared goal. While helping to plan Healthy Baby Network’s Annual Meeting and while attending a Community Action Network meeting, I learned about lots of organization, such as Healthy Moms, Baby Love, and ROC the future.

4.) There are a lot of things we can do to prevent infant mortality.  

I have been working on Healthy Baby Network’s Onesie Campaign for the past few weeks, and I have learned so many ways to help prevent infant mortality, which we hope to spread in honor of Infant Mortality Awareness Month (September). For example, cribs should not have bumpers in them, because it is a suffocation risk to babies. Since pretty much every crib that I have seen has had a bumper, this surprised me. I also learned that you should start taking vitamins before you are pregnant, if you plan on becoming pregnant, in order to keep your baby healthy. I would have never thought of this, as most people start to take them once becoming pregnant. There are so many small steps you can take to make sure your baby is healthy and safe, and I am thankful that I have gotten to learn about them.


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