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A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker – Part 1

Posted on September 6, 2019 by in

Outreach is a great experience for me because it gives me a chance to get to know my city better. I can see the flavor and artistry of Clinton Avenue and the wisdom that flows on Jefferson Avenue. There are so many parts of our city that are full of richness. It takes a slow walk to get to know our city.

On a typical day I drive down our city streets and see where there are the most people. Clinton Avenue has become one of my favorite places to walk. Recently, while conducting outreach, I was able to meet a mom who had some specific needs. You may be wondering how I even approach moms and dads. Well, I simply say, “Hi,” and let them know that I work for Healthy Baby Network. I have practiced my “elevator speech” about one hundred times. I have to say it clearly and quickly because most of the time the clients whom we encounter are on their way somewhere, fast.

This day, the mom whom I encountered seemed very interested to find out exactly what our organization provides. She was very close to her due date, so my elevator speech caught her attention. This mom began to share some of the challenges she has been facing recently. She did not believe that she could conceive a child. Her and the father of their baby had tried many times without success. This pregnancy was a surprise and happened at a moment where this mom felt like she was at her lowest point. I began to share with her some of the resources we offer and could provide for her rather quickly. She looked at me with skepticism and asked, “What is the catch?” I laughed and simply shared that there is no catch. Healthy Baby Network is invested and committed to ensuring a safe delivery for mom and baby. She gave me her information and I continued my search for more moms and dads.

There is more to this story. Read “A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker – Part 2” to learn more. 

Written by Vanessa Santiago, Outreach Worker for Healthy Baby Network



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