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A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker – Part 2

Posted on September 16, 2019 by in

There is more to this story. Read, “A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker – Part 1” to read the first part of this story.

The next morning, I walked into Healthy Baby Network and listened to a voicemail from the mom I encountered on Clinton Avenue. She shared that she went into labor shortly after we finished talking and delivered a beautiful baby boy. I returned her call and she excitedly shared her birth story. A little sadness came to her voice as she shared that she was worried that baby would not be able to come home with her upon discharge because she did not have a car seat. I told her not to worry because we would make sure that she had some of the things that I had shared with her the day before. I quickly left the office and met with the lovely volunteers at the Women’s Care Center on Lake Avenue. They gave me a car seat, pack and play, clothes, diapers, bottles, and even a book for mom. I was able to take all these things over to the hospital and mom was thrilled. She even let me see baby which is not always the case when we help a mom.

After all our excitement came down a bit, mom looked me in the eye and said a very warm thank you. She shared that the items really eased some of her anxieties and she felt like she could now enjoy baby for the remainder of her hospital stay. I told her that it was our pleasure to help and even recommended some additional supports. We said our goodbyes and I went on to find more moms and dads who could benefit from our services.

This mom was one of the many people we can help from day to day. Conducting outreach on our city streets gives us the opportunity to reach moms and dads right where they are, as opposed to them trying to find us. It’s a rewarding job and sometimes we even get to hold babies! Thank you to all who support Healthy Baby Network and the partner organizations who help provide our moms and dads with their needs.

Written by Vanessa Santiago, Outreach Worker for Healthy Baby Network

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