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‘Bear With Me’ Cast Spotlight: Karen Elam

Posted on May 30, 2019 by in

Karen Elam is the proud mother of fifteen-year-old triplets – two boys and a girl. She has been blessed to share the adventures of parenting with her husband, Howard Solomon. And what adventures they’ve been! From getting a head stuck in the turnstile of a Manhattan subway station, to breaking an arm falling off a slide, to throwing up on car trips to…all the fun stuff, too, like snuggling in bed, listening to music at top volume on road trips, and visiting aunts and grandparents. In her professional life, Karen works as the Director of the Levine Center to End Hate and Director of Community Relations at the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester. But her proudest accomplishment is raising three caring, curious, challenging, beautiful children.


What do you love about Rochester? 

What do I love about Rochester? Do I dare use the standard line? You can get anywhere in 10 minutes! No being stuck in traffic or on a crowded subway for hours! Originally from Florida, I have to say I adore the Rochester summers. And I love the community of people that have welcomed me and my family to town. (No, we’re not native Rochesterians…we chose to spend winters here… go figure!)


What is one of your favorite parenting moments, as a parent or as a daughter?

One of my favorite parenting moments is one that recurs. As a mother of three teenagers, there’s a fair amount of misunderstanding between parent and child. My favorite moment is when, after an argument or “spicy” exchange, we calm down, figure out why it happened, make up, and remember how much we love each other. It’s not easy or fun, but it’s growth — constantly learning about ourselves and each other and recognizing how fortunate we are to be a family.


Join us for Bear With Me: Stories of Birth and Pregnancy on June 13, 2019 to hear Karen’s and others’ birth stories!  For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here.


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