Baden Street Settlement: Family Assistance

Address 2
585 Joseph Avenue Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14605

The Emergency and Family Assistance Department (152 Baden Street 585-325-4910 x131) assists residents to meet basic family needs. Families and individuals seeking emergency assistance will be able to resolve immediate needs for food, clothing, rent/mortgage, transportation, vital records, advocacy and identify steps to avoid repeat crisis. Additionally, families and individuals will be referred to other services such as substance abuse treatment programs, case management services, and job training or employment programs as needed. The goal of the Emergency and Family Assistant Department is to assist resident s to become financially self sufficient.

Baden Street Settlement’s Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) (585-325-8130 x204) program is available for you and your student (whom may be in special education program). MSC is a service coordinator (case management) program that assists student/family in navigating the complexity of services that are available to them (on behalf of their child). We make linkage and referrals along with advocating for student/family. We also have within our department a unique after school program/hourly respite that provides your child with recreation and tutorial services. There is also a light meal given before your child leaves program, along with transportation home. This program allows children the opportunity to enjoy recreation (safely) along with providing familes with additional time to handle day to day duties. This program runs 5 days a week, after school hours.

The Mature Adult Resource Center (MARC) (86 Vienna Street) provide individuals sixty years old and over a balanced meal, a place to socialize as well as participate in activities to help maintain their mental and physical well-being. Services provided through the center assist in affording participants the opportunity to remain healthy, independent and in their homes as long as possible.

Baden Street Settlement is the host agency for the Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP) (; a coalition of youth-serving organizations that promote youth development and youth health in the City’s most stressed neighborhoods.  MCTP supports 35 member agencies, schools and health centers to implement strength-based and evidence-based approaches to ensure youth success and to prevent teen pregnancy and substance abuse. MCTP works with the City of Rochester, Planned Parenthood, Rochester City School District and Threshold Center for Youth to implement life skills programs, youth arts and youth leadership activities. MCTP engages youth to develop social marketing messages to promote healthy behaviors, and partners with Family Resource Centers of Crestwood to deliver the Family Talk series for parents.