Compeer Rochester

Address 2
259 Monroe Avenue
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14607

Youth One-to-One Mentoring:  The Youth Program matches volunteers in supportive one-to-one relationships with youth based on mental health system referrals. Matches regularly engage in community-based recreational, educational, cultural, and skill-related activities. Matches are professionally supported and monitored in order to foster a supportive, mutually beneficial relationship.

Family Mentor:  The Family Mentor provides support services to the families of Compeer youth. The program connects families to community information, including referrals to other agencies and any beneficial community services. The Family Mentor can also act as an advocate and listening ear in times of need.

Adult Supportive Partner:  Community volunteers are matched in one-to-one friendships with adults in mental health treatment. Matches spend quality time doing community-based activities to encourage positive recovery. Matches are professionally supported and monitored to promote skill and self-esteem growth. Adult mentor/client relationships help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, and increase awareness of people with mental health challenges.

CompeerCORPS:  The purpose of the CompeerCORPS program is to create a supportive network for veterans who could benefit from a veteran peer mentor and other community relationships. Veteran volunteer mentors are matched with a veteran based on interests, age-range, military service and gender.  The program has the following goals:

Foster a  positive return to civilian life after military service
Broadened interests and hobbies
Create a spirit of service to the community
Bridge generational gaps among Veteran eras
Encourage overall wellness