Dimitri House

Address 2
102 North Union Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14607

Food Cupboard:  Our emergency food cupboard at Dimitri House is open all day on Monday and Wednesday through Friday in the mornings. We serve individuals and families living in zip codes 14604, 14605, 14607 & 14609 once every 30 days, by appointment. No referral is necessary. Our food cupboard is supported by many area churches, businesses, individuals and the local food bank, Foodlink. Volunteer opportunities are available.
Drop-In Program:  Our drop-in program is open Tuesday-Thursday in the afternoon from 1:30-4:30 year round. It is a friendly and safe atmosphere where people on the street, homeless or not, can gather, have a meal and address, with a counselor, any issues they may be experiencing. Such issues might include health, housing, public assistance, clothing needs, etc. During the weekday drop-in, we have peers from Rochester Mental Health available. We offer HIV and TB testing on a regular basis. Holidays are celebrated at our Drop-in program throughout the year.  Volunteer opportunities are available.

Men's Emergency Winter Shelter:  Our seven bed shelter is open from November through April, seven nights per week. We provide all the comforts of home - comfy beds, clean bedding, showers, laundry facilities, a light meal in the evening and a hearty breakfast in the morning. Our guests arrive at 9:30 in the evening and leave at 7:00 am. They have the opportunity to stay for an extended period of time in order to 'get back on track'. Volunteer opportunities are available.