East House

Address 2
259 Monroe Avenue, Suite 200
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14607

Mental Health:  East House serves adults (age 18 and over) with persistent mental illness. Group homes and apartment programs are tailored to the individual’s specific recovery needs.  Many, as they become more independent, move from group home to apartment program to supported housing.

Chemical Dependency:  The East House Chemical Dependency Residential Program provides residential services to men and women who are in recovery from chemical dependency.  Services include individual and group counseling, peer support, monitoring of physical and mental health, development of independent living skills and coordination with other services providers.

While utilizing the East House Chemical Dependency Program, clients are encouraged to attend 12-step self help programs, work on interpersonal relationships and to develop educational and vocational skills that will lead to employment.

Career Services:  Employment plays a critical role in recovery for those with mental illness and/or chemical dependency. Through the Career Services Program, clients develop the necessary skills, experience and confidence to increase their employment potential.  Services provided include:  GED preparation; computer skills training; vocational assessment and counseling; job readiness training; referrals to schools and skills training programs; and job development, placement and retention assistance to over 800 clients annually.