East Rochester Community Resource Center

Address 2
333 East Chestnut Street
City, State Zip
East Rochester, NY 14445

FOOD SHELF:  The food shelf is one of the most important services offered for those in need, such as families with small children who might go hungry if not for this service.  The generosity of the 6 member churches in the East Rochester Association of Churches, Koinonia Fellowship, the Village of East Rochester, East Rochester School District and other organizations provide a large portion of the non-perishable food items to the Center.  The Community Resource Center is a member of FOODLINK of Rochester and we receive grants from Foodlink to help purchase other food items when needed.  Requests for help are scrutinized for legitimacy.  Information is compiled on interview sheets and then verified.  Ordinarily food shelf assistance is granted for 7 days, 3 meals per day per person.
USED CLOTHING CENTER:  Our used clothing center has been a tremendous help for many young families, especially larger families, those on public assistance, or anyone struggling to make ends meet with no disposable income left over for extras such as warm coats, sweaters, gloves or hats.
USED FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS:    Donated furniture and household items are provided to needy families finding it difficult to set up housekeeping, or when finding it hard to replace old broken down appliances.
CRISIS FUND:  The fund is used with discretion to help people in emergency situations.  It is a one-time grant and a policy is in place to verify need and qualifications prior to granting financial aid.    For example, to receive rent help applicants must have been a resident of the village for at least one year, their residence must be up to current building codes, and they must be able to pay the following month's rent.
TRANSPORTATION POOL:    We have a volunteer pool of safe drivers who will help people run errands, take them grocery shopping or to a doctor appointment.  One week advance notice is required to utilize this service.
Other services provided by the Center include budget counseling and advocacy.
The Center also provides help for children in needy families who cannot afford to pay registration fees to play in youth sports programs so the children are not left out of a worthwhile and fun activity.   Information from the State, County and Village are provided in the areas of assistance in many forms and for referrals to other agencies for those who need long-term help.  Call the Center today for more information on any of these services.