Full Circle Counseling and Wellness

585-935-7122 or Cell 303-880-8296
Address 2
150 Allens Creek Road
City, State Zip
Rochester , NY , 14618

One of my specialties is supporting people at various points along the "parenting spectrum." This includes helping expecting, new or experienced parents develop mindfulness and attunement in their relationships. It also includes supporting people who are struggling with infertility or pregnancy and infant loss. Please see the"Specialized Services" page for more in depth-information on these and other offerings.
Services provided through Full Circle include:
•  Individual therapy
•  Parent-Infant dyadic therapy
•  Prenatal Counseling and Birth Preparation
•  Couple's Counseling
•  New Mom Connection Groups
•  Wellness Workshops
•  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
•  Play therapy for children 3 and older