House of Mercy

Address 2
725 Hudson Avenue
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14621

24 hours a day, seven days a week:  Food, clothing and shelter.  Summer camp for poor children.  A special ministry that helps people with serious substance abuse problems.  Our annual Christmas drive.  Spiritual services.  Advocacy assistance to make sure the poor are treated fairly.  Drop-in services for emergencies.  And more.


Education Assistance:  We found out that many children in our neighborhood were struggling in school. And, as a result of our successful Summer Youth Project, many young children have asked for assistance during the school year. As a result, we started the After School Program.

All children are welcome from kindergarten through 12th grades for help with homework, study skills and the emotional support to succeed in the classroom. We provide a youth haven and learning center where parents are encouraged to attend and participate.

Located at 719 Hudson Avenue, right next to the House of Mercy
Monday - Thursday, 3:00pm - 6:00pm
One Saturday per month a special activity day will be announced
Free to all who attend

For more information contact Cozette Cooper at (585) 544-8253 or Nora Bradley-Haehl.


Farbridge House Ministry, Helping People With Serious Substance Abuse Problems Regain Their Independence... And Their Hope:    The men and women in our Farbridge House Ministry are making one of the most difficult journeys in life: recovery from serious substance abuse problems... problems that often date back decades.


Advocacy Services, Protecting the Rights of the Poorest of the Poor:  You shouldn't have to give up your rights when you're homeless or poor. That's why we make it a vital part of our ministry to help people by advocating for their survival and basic rights.