Ibero-American Action League: Family Services Division

Address 2
817 East Main Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14605
English, Spanish

This division provides vitally important services to assist individuals and families in their efforts to achieve and maintain economic, social, and cultural well-being.  Programs include:

Family Support Unit:  Case management for families whose children are at risk of foster care placement, abuse, or neglect. In this program we works with families on prevention. Funded by the Monroe County Department of Human Services, The Family Support Unit serves approximately 50 families.  Families are eligible by referral through child protective services, via the preventive unit at the Department of Human Services.  Parenting Education is given following a curriculum from the University of Washington.

Senior Center - Centro de Oro:  Every year this program serves approximately 120 seniors of at least 60 years of age. It provides culturally sensitive activities and meals.

Beacon of Light:  Provides services for the prevention and education of HIV / AIDS, identifying Latinos at risk of contracting HIV. It provides testing – If positive, clients are connected with adequate care.  It also provides case management for any other needs (Substance Abuse, Housing, Employment).

Supported Housing Rental Subsidy:  This program offers rental subsidy for individuals with mental illnesses, making sure they maintain adequate housing and manage their residence.

Promotores de Salud:  Promotores de Salud (“Health Promoters”) is a program that promotes better use and understanding of the health care system. It reaches out to individuals in need of health care services and connects them to insurance resources and a medical “home.” It also provides educational workshops and transportation, interpretation/translation, and patient navigation services for individuals with targeted diagnoses (diabetes, asthma, heart disease, elevated lead levels, and obesity).

Emergency Services:  This program offers assistance with food vouchers for qualified consumers and food assistance. Clients are referred for employment services, clothing, mental health, assistance in filling out forms, information to clients for assistance with RG&E and rent. Aproximately 600 clients are served each year. 185% FPL guidelines.

Eldersource:  This is a program in collaboration with Lifespan and Catholic Family Center.

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