Monroe County Dept. of Public Health: Lead Poisoning Prevention

Address 2
111 Westfall Road, Room 952
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14620

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Maintains a database registry of more than 90,000 children who have been tested for elevated blood lead levels throughout Monroe County that includes all medical and environmental management information on each child.
Provides medical case management and educational outreach to families for all children with blood lead levels >= 8 µg/dl (micrograms per deciliter).
Conducts environmental investigations of primary and secondary residences of children 0-72 months of age with venous lead levels >= 8 µg/dl.  Investigations include a full educational intervention as well as the identification of conditions conducive to lead poisoning (lead hazards), issuance of a Notice and Demand to the property owner to eliminate the hazards by a specified time-frame, and reinvestigation to verify compliance. Each unit must also pass a “Lead Dust Clearance.” The Lead Program enforces the NYS Sanitary Code Part 67-2, the Monroe County Sanitary Code and Public Health Law relating to lead hazards.
The Notice and Demand requires all persons conducting Lead Hazard Control work to be EPA certified renovators.  See below for more information regarding Lead Renovator training.
Provides community-wide education on lead poisoning issues to the general public, health professionals, property owners, painting contractors, parent groups, etc. This is provided in the form of formal presentations, informational kiosks throughout Monroe County, distribution of informational brochures, Health Fairs, Home Shows and Exhibitions.
Responds to complaints of improper/unsafe lead hazard control activities and issues Cease and Desist Orders to stop unsafe practices, order cleanup of lead contamination, and assures that cleanup is performed properly.