Linden Oaks Specialized Assessment & Treatment Services (LOSATS)

Address 2
100 Linden Oaks, Suite 200
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14625

LOSATS is a private agency specializing in treatment, training and consultation for victims, offenders and families affected by interpersonal violence and trauma.  LOSATS is part of the multidisciplinary team for providers who investigate and treat child abuse located at Bivona Child Advocacy Center.

With support, courage and specialized professional help, those who have experienced trauma, as well as those who have caused harm to others, can face trauma and true healing can begin. People who have experienced trauma can be freed of the burden of silence and the fear and confusion about what has happened. Family members can overcome difficulties and develop more open, supportive relationships. Adults or youth who have caused harm can become responsible for their behavior, understand and manage the risks they present, and participate in helping to heal the wounds they have caused. The helping network can work together in a coordinated way to achieve common goals and model effective relationships with boundaries of respect for one another and self.

Contact our offices and discuss your needs with a LOSATS therapist. We will then set up an initial planning session to involve as many family members and service providers as possible. The meeting will explore the concerns of the participants and develop an initial treatment plan. Treatment fees may be covered by health insurance plans, direct payment or through our Preventive Services contract from Monroe County Division of Social Services.