Mental Health Association

Address 2
320 North Goodman Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14607

Regardless of race, religion, age or occupation, one in five individuals is affected with anxiety, stress, depression or grief in their lifetime.

The Mental Health Association assists people to find the tools and resources that they need to achieve and maintain mental wellness. For 80 years, we have promoted mental wellness in our community through educational programming, referral to needed services and individualized support and assistance to those in greater need.

The Mental Health Association promotes lasting mental wellness through a spectrum of culturally competent programs and services.  Click here for their flyer.

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July 2013:  The Finding Your Way guide/booklet is available to assist consumers of behavioral health services, their families and professionals in finding and accessing appropriate mental health services in Monroe and Livingston Counties.  You can access it online or stop by office on N. Goodman.