Recovery Houses of Rochester

Address 2
1320 Buffalo Road Suite 203
City, State Zip
Rochester, New York 14624

Founded in 2002, Recovery Houses of Rochester provides safe, peer-driven housing in an alcohol and drug-free family like atmosphere for individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug use; in contrast to living as a patient in an institution.  Recovery Houses of Rochester’s primary focus is to provide peer support in a stable living environment in fully furnished homes, with kitchen, bath, and in-house laundry facilities. Residents are also provided with paid YMCA membership while they are residents in our homes.  Length of residency typically ranges from a few months to a few years, which gives our residents the opportunity to recover at their own pace.

Referrals are accepted from various chemical dependency agencies and correctional facilities. Also, potential residents can self-refer. In order to be considered for admission to our program, the potential resident must complete an application and develop a recovery plan.