Rochester City School District: Youth Development & Family Services

Address 2
131 West Broad Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14614

The Division of Youth Development and Family Services (YDFS) is responsible for the integration and management of student and family support services to enhance students' social-emotional and academic performance. Our goal is to produce productive members in society, future leaders and life long learners.

The Division offers a wide range of comprehensive services and strategies with opportunities for removing the complex factors that interfere with learning. YDFS encompasses Community Partnerships, Human Services Systems, Office of Parent Engagement, Social Work and the Homeless Program, Student Health Services and Court/PINS Referrals.  For more information, contact the Youth Development and Family Services Executive Office at 262-8522

The Rochester City School District (RCSD) Young Mothers Program (YMP) began in 1969.  The goal of the YMP is to prevent pregnant and parenting students from dropping out of school and encourage post-secondary education. As we help our students complete their education, we are committed to helping them prepare academically and for parenthood while supporting them emotionally and socially.  Please contact your school nurse.

The Office of Parent Engagement has classes for parents to help them help their children and themselves at Parent University.  This office also coordinates the Fatherhood Initiative, which intends on creating a network that focuses on volunteering, school support, mentoring and training.  Contact information:  585-324-9999, fax 585-935-7478 or email