Rochester Family Mission

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Food Cupboard
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388 Tremont Street
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Rochester, NY 14608

Food Cupboard:  Rochester Family Mission is also a qualified distribution agency of Foodlink, providing a second tier of targeted food distribution.  Our Foodlink pantry provides for a more individualized and store-like model, allowing those in need to obtain the specific items to better match family needs and promote nutrition. Rochester Family Mission serves approximately 55 families per day through food distribution.
Youth:  Our Saturday Morning Club offers fun activities for kids where love is shared along with the gospel message.  Each summer, we offer a six-week camp for inner city children called Healthy Families/Healthy Neighborhoods.  There’s Bible lessons, crafts, field trips, swimming, sports, and fun field trips to the zoo and theme parks.  This focused time provides the unique opportunity to touch young lives for Jesus Christ.
Holiday Relief:  Each Thanksgiving, many volunteers come together to assemble and distribute over 700 food baskets.  Together, we share the love of Christ in this tangible way.  At Christmas, we gear up again for food baskets and a Community Christmas meal.   Our “Angel Tree” program unites churches and organizations by providing 1,500 Christmas gift packages for children of families in need.  These are often the only Christmas gifts these children will receive.
Tutoring:  Rochester Family Mission offers help in many ways to develop responsible, literate and productive citizens of personal integrity.  RFM also provides educational tutoring to both children and adults.  Computer training and business skills are offered in our computer lab.
Education:  An extension of our educational thrust is Rochester Institute for Christian Education.  We provide a comprehensive program of education in Christian studies. Our program provides three years of extensive theological and biblical training.   Through our unique association with Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary, many of our courses earn transferable undergraduate college credit.