Rochester Rehabilitation

Address 2
1000 Elmwood Avenue
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14620

We are committed to helping people achieve their goals of work, wellness and independence by providing job training, physical therapy, mental health services, driver training and adaptive sports and recreation. Our family of services encompass these values and continue to deliver results for our clients and the community.

DriveOn is the premier provider of driver rehabilitation services in Upstate New York, helping people to drive safely and with confidence
Employment Connection helps adults with disabilities and other disadvantages find and keep the job they want.
Mental Health Center practitioners offer specialized services and coordinated, effective care for all life stages, including acute, chronic, preventive, and individual mental health services for young, mature, and older adults
OutSource provides employment to adults with disabilities and generates revenue that supports other agency programs and activities
SportsNet offers adaptive sports and inclusive recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities
Ventures PROS(personalized recovery oriented services) is designed to help adults overcome mental health challenges, live well, and balance life roles