Sojourner House

Address 2
30 Millbank Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14619

Sojourner House's innovative Transitional Housing Program brings together aspects of community living to create a safe, nurturing environment in which to transform their lives.  Features include structured schedules, case management, counseling, life skills and support groups.

Emergency Housing:   Eleven single and two-family homes in the Marketview Heights neighborhood of Rochester, New York provide emergency housing for homeless families for up to 30 days. A case manager, supervised by Sojourner House at PathStone, provides support services to help families find emergency assistance, appropriate services, and permanent housing.

Sojourner House’s Supportive Housing Program operates three apartment complexes, Monica Place, Fairchild Place and Nancy Watson Dean Place, which provide 40 units of permanent supportive housing. The families residing in these apartments are graduates of our Transitional Housing Program, as well as those who have been referred from other social service agencies or by word-of-mouth.