Spiritus Christi Church

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121 N. Fitzhugh Street
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Rochester, NY 14614

Grace of God Recovery House is a safe home for men recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. Located at 120 Franklin Street in downtown Rochester, it houses up to four men at a time. Residents stay in this structured and supportive environment until they are ready to move on to a halfway house or independent living. Every Wednesday evening, residents, former residents, and volunteers gather for a community meal and sharing group.  Contact:  Sr. Mary Henninger 585-454-5896
Spiritus Prison Outreach:  To visit women and men who are incarcerated and journey with them as they enter the community. Visitation is accomplished through weekly groups in jail and prison. After release, housing, case management, and transition groups are offered as we work to provide a model to the community of effective reentry.  Neilsen House and Jennifer House are safe, stable housing opportunities for men and women leaving  jail and prison until a more long-term location is available. Contact:  Jim Smith 585-288-0504
Mental Health Center:  Our mission is to improve community health by providing access to free mental health care for adults and children who are uninsured or underinsured.  Help is available for depression, trauma, poverty, anxiety, grief, abuse, recovery, sexuality, addiction, chronic illness, social isolation, work/school/family/relationship problems, domestic violence, etc.  Volunteer staff can help you apply for public assistance (DHHS), vocational and educational services (VESID), social security disability (SSD) & supplemental security income (SSI), so that your problems with food, clothing, housing, health insurance, work and income may be worked through.  We create comfortable ways for you to meet other people with similar problems, so that you can expand your circle of support.  Contact:  Marleen Marlow 585-325-1180 x114