St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality

Address 2
402 South Avenue
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14620


Monday-Friday Lunch Program:  Open at 9:00am.  A Large Urn of Coffee or Tea is available from the time we open until gone or 11:00 AM. whichever comes first.  Meal Tickets are available at 10:00am.  First seating at 11:30am, second seating at Noon (no one will be seated after 12:10pm), closes at 1:00pm.  Bag Lunches available  weekdays only; usually after 10:00 AM
Tuesday Dinners & Worship:  Buffet dinner at 4:00pm.  Worship services at 5:00pm
Worship Service: 5:00 PM 
Saturdays:  Open at 9:00am, close at 1:30 pm (except July and August)
Sundays at Saint Joe's:  Open at 1:30pm, meal is buffet style and served at 4:00pm, closes at 4:45 pm.


Shelter:  Saint Joseph's House of Hospitality provides eight beds a night to men who require shelter during Rochester's coldest months from October through Mid-April.

Check-in begins sharply at 9:00 PM every day after Oct. 19.
The shelter door closes at 10:00 PM.
All guests must leave the shelter by 7:00 AM, Monday through Saturday; 8:00 AM on Sundays


Alex House (Alexander Apartments): Saint Joe's not only provides shelter for the homeless, we also help individuals transition from unstable living situations to a stabler, healthier environment as tenants at Alexander Apartments.

Alexander Apartments provide a safe, secure and affordable living environment for people with substance abuse disabilities.
At 'Alex House', residents continue to develop the social, emotional and economic skills needed for independent living and to lead a productive life. Residents and others involved in Alex House's success will establish and promote an environment to achieve these objectives.
Tim Sigrist and Linda Condon serve as the guiding force behind the house. Their mission depends on the generosity of individuals and charitable organizations throughout the greater Rochester area.
Contact Information for Alexander House:

Linda Condon-Telephone: 585-704-0941
Tim Sigrist- Telephone: 585-253-2551
Alexander Apartments Mailing Address:  85-87 Alexander Street Corporation,PO Box 18634,Rochester, NY 14618