Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare – Rochester

585-287-5622 315-471-0568 (24/7)
Address 2
1350 University Avenue
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14607

SBH provides medical supervision of withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs and treatment for other medical problems and medical monitoring for people temporarily incapacitated because of intoxication by alcohol or other drugs. Individual and group counseling is combined with medical care and bed rest in a safe, comfortable environment.

The average length of stay ranges from 3-14 days, and is dependent on the individual treatment plan of each person. The Syracuse location is an 18 bed, OASAS licensed facility located on Hickory Street in Syracuse, New York. The Rochester location is a 25 bed, OASAS licensed facility located on University Avenue Rochester, New York. Medical and counseling staff are on site 24 hours per day.