URMC: Women’s Initiative Supporting Health-Transitions Clinic (WISH-TC)

Address 2
2613 West Henrietta Road
City, State Zip
Rochester, NY 14623

The Women's Initiative Supporting Health-Transitions Clinic (WISH-TC) is offered through the University of Rochester and Strong Memorial Hospital particularly to serve women recently released from the Monroe correctional facility or a state prison.  This clinic started taking referrals in September 2012.

Who is eligible for WISH-TC?  Women 18 years and older who have been released from jail or prison within the past 6-9 months or who will be released within the next 1-2 months are eligible for WISH-TC.  They must have some kind of current health insurance, be Medicaid eligible, or apply for Strong Charity Care.

Please note:  Although appointments can be scheduled before release, women will not receive services until after their release.  Our goal is to identify eligible women before their release or as soon after their release from incarceration as possible.  This is because we want to link then to healthcare and mental health services, including getting needed prescriptions filled, as soon as possible to increase their chances of successful and empowered re-entry.