Center for Teen Empowerment

Address 2
392 Genesee Street
City, State Zip
Rochester, New York 14611

The mission of the Center for Teen Empowerment is to empower youth and adults as agents of individual, institutional, and social change.

Teen Empowerment (TE) inspires young people, and the adults who work with them, to think deeply about the most difficult social problems in their communities, and gives them the tools they need to work with others in creating significant positive change. At TE's youth organizing sites, youth and adult staff bring authentic youth voice into the dialogue about improving their communities, mobilize the energy of urban youth to create meaningful change, and facilitate mutually respectful relationships between youth and adults. The Teen Empowerment Model is responsible for our success. TE's interactive methodology is effective with groups of all ages, and TE staff train others to use the model and have written a book, Moving Beyond Icebreakers©, describing our creative approach to group facilitation.