Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning

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c/o Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
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In 2012, 182 children were reported with lead paint poisoning just in Monroe County. Lead poisoning damages children’s brains and bones for the rest of their lives. We can all make a difference. We can make lead history. Throughout this site you’ll find specific things you can do to protect our entire community. See how easy it is to have your house or apartment inspected for lead, get your child tested for exposure to lead, or make your own home safer.

The Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning says eliminating lead poisoning is everyone’s responsibility: “Learn what to look for and how to make your home and children lead safe. Make sure your children get tested for exposure to lead (in accordance with New York State law). Get your home tested if it was built before 1978, and make sure anyone doing work on your pre-1978 home is EPA RRP certified (in accordance with federal law). Make sure they follow lead-safe work practices when doing renovation, repair or painting work. Go to or call (585) 224-3125 to learn more, get access to local resources, and request free educational materials. Although devastating, lead poisoning is completely preventable. Together we can end childhood lead poisoning in the Finger Lakes region.”

2014 "Healthy Homes, Healthy Families" Resource Guide is available in English and Spanish.  You can also call for a free copy of the booklet at 585-224-3125.