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As a healthcare provider, it’s your goal to provide the best medical information and advice to your patients. Healthy Baby Network is here to help you do what you do better by providing you with the right connections and resources to give parents and babies the best quality service you can.

How we can help

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Resource Directory

If you think your patient needs assistance outside of her visits with you, our resource directory is a great place to look. Here you can find available programs in every topic related to prenatal health.

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As health planners, we are all about continuous education. We provide presentations on topics related to prenatal health, ranging from the causes of racial health disparities to reducing elective cesarean birth.

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Other Medical Providers

Search this valuable Rochester Healthcare Resource Guide for listings of other medical providers.

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Health Information Technology:  PeerPlace Network

PeerPlace Network can help you discover what programs your patients are already in and what other needs they have. You’ll also find case management and referrals.  Visit our PeerPlace page for more information or contact Medicaid Redesign Team/Health Information Technology Program Manager, Dominic Coppola.

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Community Action Network (CAN)

The Healthy Baby Network Community Action Network (CAN) facilitates community action toward improved perinatal health program planning and service delivery, emphasizing reduction of disparate perinatal health outcomes through cross-sector sharing, service linkages, and elimination of barriers to perinatal health equity. The CAN stimulates collaboration toward a common agenda, a shared measurement approach, alignment of community resources, and mutually reinforcing activities. Members include: neighborhood residents; program participants; representatives from health and human service agencies that serve parents and families with low income, and staff from Healthy Baby Network.  This existing network aligned with ROC the Future in 2015.  Focused on children from pre-conception to age 2, this network is developing action plans to address parenting education with a focus on fatherhood and safe and stable housing for pregnant and parenting parents.  This network of 40 active members, including pregnant and parenting moms and dads, meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.  Contact Deanna Spiotta to RSVP to attend.

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Black Doula Collaborative

We are dedicated to maternal and child health equity. Doulas provide mental, physical, and spiritual support during and after pregnancy and have been proven to be an effective intervention to maternal mortality and morbidity. Black women in the United States are between 3 and 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. The Black Doula Collaborative will provide care, support, and advocacy during pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum to nurture Black women and their support teams in welcoming their babies and assisting in their transition home. The Collaborative is comprised of Black women, from many different professional backgrounds, who are working toward their doula certifications.

The Black Doula Advisory Committee is comprised of women from many different professional backgrounds and walks of life such as midwives, doulas, and social workers, who help advise, support, and give relevant information to the Black Doula Collaborative. Contact Doula Coordinator, Paula Nisbeth for information about how to get involved.

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Oral Health

To have a truly healthy pregnancy, good oral health is vital. We support oral health for mothers and babies with our Oral Health Advisory Committee. Find oral health resources here!

Let Us Help

Finding the most appropriate support service for your patients can be challenging – each program has its own eligibility rules, sometimes there are wait lists, and programs may start or end at any time.  If you would like help ensuring  that your patient gets to the most appropriate service, select Request Services, fill out as much information as you have (very little is required but the more we have the better we can serve your patient) and we’ll find the best service and make the referral for you.

Request Services

Did You Know...

We bring care connection to our mothers and families by going to laundromats, hair salons, and other community locations. In 2018, we connected 257 women with care and resources.


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