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Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Posted on June 15, 2020 by Healthy Baby Network

Healthy Baby Network Board and Staff stand with the Rochester Black Agenda Group in declaring racism a public health crisis. We are heartbroken by George Floyd’s death and reminded of Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Derrick Scott, and all the others who have died violently at the hands of police officers across the country.  Holding our pain and disappointment, we commit to do more and be better.

Dismantling racism and its pervasive impact requires us to stand together committed to difficult but crucial conversations that lead to new policies, procedures, reallocation of resources, and accountability.  Health Equity is the standard of care; not a good catch-phrase.  As we step forward, Healthy Baby Network will continue hosting conversations with resources focused on action to identify, call-out, address racism, heal the trauma it has created, and work to prevent further impact.  We vow to continue providing education to parents and professionals about the social determinants of health, and all the ways racism and bias manifests in our care and interactions; focused on how we identify and address it – and we won’t stop.  Like many others all across the country we too feel both tired and energized to demand better – NOW.  Healthy Baby Network stands firmly committed to change, to health improvement, and achieving real Health Equity.


Sherita D. Bullock

Executive Director 

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