BOCES #2, Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Address 2
3599 Big Ridge Road
City, State Zip
Spencerport, NY 14559

Eleven area high schools send over 1,000 students to the WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center at BOCES 2 where they receive hands-on training and learn employable skills in 33 different courses in arts and humanities, business/information systems, engineering, mechanical technologies, manufacturing, and health and human services.
College bound seniors can explore professional career interests while earning high school and college credit in CTE’s New Visions Program. Students intern in the profession of their choice and receive related academic instruction in English and social studies.
Education for Exceptional Children provides programs to meet the needs of students with a variety of abilities that cannot be completely addressed by their local school districts. A wide range of educational opportunities is offered to expand and enrich learning for students with particular gifts and talents, to teach English to students with limited English proficiency, and to assist students with varying disabilities who require special instructional and support services.