Making care more unified

Fully supporting a patient’s health requires more than a couple of doctor visits. It requires a caring team of healthcare providers, who together can coordinate both health improvement and cost reduction. This can easily be done through the PeerPlace Network.

PeerPlace is a HIPAA compliant software that stores patient information for health and human services providers to share. With it, you can ensure smooth referrals and continuity of care for your patients.

As a collaboration between Healthy Baby Network, the Greater Rochester Regional Health Information Organization, and Peer Place Networks, the network is free to join. At Healthy Baby Network, we administer access to the site and provide training for free. It requires no special software or hardware, just an internet connection and the desire to connect your clients with the care that will help them succeed.

Why use it?

As a HIPAA compliant software, PeerPlace meets all the requirements for individual privacy and confidentiality. It also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of referrals through risk and needs identification, appropriate program options per patient, and eligibility screening. Immediately upon receiving a referral, medical and HHS providers will be able to see the most important details about a client’s needs, improving both timeliness and appropriateness of patient care.

For more information, visit the PeerPlace website or contact Medicaid Redesign Team/Health Information Technology, Dominic Coppola.


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