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Let's Celebrate Our Executive Director, Sherita Bullock,
on Her 27th Year with Healthy Baby Network
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Every Parent, Every Baby.

Our Executive Director is a Local Changemaker in Community Health


Sherita Bullock has been the executive director of Healthy Baby Network (HBN) since February 2019, and has worked in progressive positions since 1997...

Rochester Doula Collaborative
Final Evaluation

We are so excited to see the hard work of the past two years from HBN and all the organizations involved. We are looking forward to continued collaboration and the new opportunities to come with the advent of the new Medicaid benefit for doulas and changing legislation in NYS.

Governor Hochul Continuous Support of Doula Services

On January 30, 2024, Governor Hochul released a statement about New York’s continued support of doula services including the statewide expansion of Medicaid coverage and a report highlighting findings from the Doula Pilot Program in Erie County.

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Check out some of the amazing things that our team members are up to throughout the year. They really are quite amazing!

Sherita Bullock

Celebrating, our Executive Director, Sherita Bullock's, 27 Years at Healthy Baby Network

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If so, learn more about S.A.F.E.

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